EventLife – Discover Facebook Events



EventLife is the best Android app to discover Facebook events!

• You can access and locate your and your friends events by List and by built in Map
• Each event has detailed info about start and end time, location, address and description
• Event flyer for each event (pinch to zoom available)
• You can set you status for each event : “attend”, “maybe”, “decline”
• Attending, unsure and invited count available
• You can also see your attending friends for an event tapping attending button in the event detail
• Navigate and share features available in the event detail menu.
• Filter menu available by left panel in the map and list sections. Tap your name to filter your events, or use the search bar to filter friend events or show a specific event. You can also filter events by date and by distance.
• Sort order option available in list section. You can order the list by distance from your position or by start time.
• Search bar available in list section. You can filter the list typing characters in the search bar
• Notifications available
Don’t miss the opportunity to stay tuned with the events in your area and to know where your friends will go!

Download EventLife!